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Zunfthaus der Schiffleute

The „Zunfthaus der Schiffsleute“ (Fishermens and Sailors Guild House) in Ulm was build in the 15th century and is located at the end of fishermen`s quarter, directly at a small harbor, called the “Gumpen” lies within the city walls, which were build in 1480 and is situated on the Danube river. The only watchtower and entrance to the city were closed at curfew, the only possible way to enter and depart was through this entrance.

 The watchtower was torn down in 1845. The “Blau” stell flows at the back of this Guild House. There have been chambers, called “Dauten”, through which the water used to flow to keep fish fresh until it could be sold at the fish market in Ulm. These chambers were still in use until after world war two. The “Zunfthaus”- Guild House also served as dwelling for families involved in fishing or selling fish, such as the families Molfender, Haegele, Kaessbohrer and Hailbronner and today the family of Wilhelm Schubert. The guild House was completely renovated and refurnished in 1976-77



The "Zunfthaus der Schiffleute"