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Zunfthaus der Schiffleute

Swabian Soups

200 Clear soup with pancake slices  4,80€                                           

201 Small flour dumplings with liver in soup  4,80€

202 Homemade pasta pocket (similar to large ravioli in a broth)  5,20€ 


204 saucepan, swabian and bavarien cheese with bread  7,80€

205 six snails from the region baked with herb butter  9,80€

206 Homemade marinade filet of salmon with mustard sauce, Baguette  12,80€

207 mixed salad 4,90€

good traditional fare

208 Two homemade swabian pattys with gravy and potato salad 8,70€ 

210 Sour calf tripe with fried potatoes 12,80€  

211 “ Käsespätzle” swabian noodles with cheese,Fried onions and green salad 11,80€

212 “ Katzagschroi” Fried potatoes, boiled beef and eggs and green salad 13,80€

„Maultaschen“ Homemade pasta pockets

213 Homemade pasta pockets fried with egg and green salad 11,80€

214 Homemade pasta pockets with butter, onions and potato salad 11,80€

215 Lentils with swabian noodles and sausage 11,80€

216 Grilled steak of beef , on swabian noodles with cheese, fried onions and sauce 21,80€

217 Zunfthaus pannikin

       Grilled Medaillons from pork with swabian cheese noodles, vegetables and fried onions 19,80€

218 Ulmer Münsterpotty

        Grilled beef and pork with vegetables, swabian noodles and swabian pasta pockets 23,80€

For two and more persons

219 Tipp Zunfthaus histories

Mix from swabian kitchen for two persones with grilled pork, beef, Swabian noodles, vegetables and swabian pasta pockets  25,00 € per person

Dishes from far and wide

220 Prime boiled beef with parsley potatoes, appel horse radish sauce and chives sauce 18,50€

221 Escalope “Vienna” with french fries from pork 13,50€

222 from turkey 14,80€

223 from veal 19,50€

224 Roasted organic pork from the region with brown sauce and swabian noodles 14,80€

225 Swabian sauerbraten (braised beef, previously marinaded in vinegar) with swabian noodles 16,80€

226 Filet from traut with parsley butter and boiled parsley potatoes 17,80€

227 Mixed salad with crispy Turkey, yoghurt dressing and pinapple chutney 15,80€


Finest Steaks

250g Steak from organic swabian pork 19,80€

229 250g Rumpsteak grilled from Beef 26,50€

230 250g Entrécote Dry Aged 29,50€

We serve our Steaks with:

parseley butter or Chimichurri

french fries or backed potato

We spice our Steaks with “Fleur de Sal"

Die ZUNFTHAUS Steakkunde

Chimichurri is a cold sauce from Argentina with garlic, persley, pepper and chilli



Ulmer Münsterspire

237 Homemade Toblerone chocolate ice-cream with hot cherrys and swabian fried dough  7,80€

238 Apple fritter with vanilla ice cream from a region farm 6,80€

239 Apple fritter flambed with Calvados and vanilla ice cream from a region farm 8,50€

240 Mixed ice-cream from a region farm with whipped cream 5,20€


List of our supplier from region

potatoes, strawbeery von Gutmann Nersingen

snails from "Institut für Deutsche Schneckenzucht" Nersingen/Fahlheim

poultry and fish, Mössle Leipheim

Fruchthof Nagel, vegetables and fruits

Fein Fisch Fish, beef

Distillery Josef Back Hörvelsingen/Langenau

Ice-cream Lautertaler Bauernhofeis

Faitrade- organic Coffee , Seeberger Ulm

Beer from Berg Brauerei-Ehingen und Brauerei Gold Ochsen-Ulm

Homemade Cake from Schubert´s Cafe







April 2019

The "Newspaper-Menue" of Ulm's most original bar and restaurant offers among other regional dishes, lentils with "Spätzle", "Maultaschen" or our sour tripes.

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